How To Simply Fold A Pocket Square

Eight Eight pocket square streetwear

At Eight Eight we’re staunch backers of wearing pocket squares for everyday, casual occasions. And while we don’t want our products to appear stuffy - we do love to stuff them into our pockets.

Sure, you could spend 10 minutes folding and creasing them to achieve the perfect three-point fold - but why be so prosaic about the whole thing?

Whether you’re rocking a three-piece suit, a denim jacket or a Barena blazer – here’s our illustrated guide on stuffing your square. It is also known as 'the puff fold'.

how to fold a pocket square - Eight Eight

The Eight Eight stuffed pocket square

Step one: Lay the pocket square flat.
Step two: Pinch the middle of the fabric, allowing the folds to come in naturally.
Step three: With one hand firmly holding the pocket square, use your other hand to gently gather it together.
Step four: Now gracefully gather up the bottom of the pocket square.
Step five: Place it in your suit.

Give it a fluff to get desired shape.
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