How To Fold A Formal Pocket Square

Eight Eight pocket square streetwear

This is the Eight Eight guide to folding a pocket square without the supercilious fuss.

Pocket squares have been around since the 14th century in one form or another. From its humble beginnings as a rudimentary handkerchief to the fashion staple it is (again) today – a mainstay of any true gent’s wardrobe.

Plain, polka and patterned in linen, silk, complex blends and (of course) bamboo, they come in all colours and sizes to fit all types of personalities and for various occasions.

For many, a pocket square is an everyday item, one that functions as the final on, or as part of, a business suit. For others - it’s more an occasional piece, be it a wedding, the Spring Racing Carnival, cocktail drinks or a black-tie dinner.

And how to ‘correctly’ fold the damn thing. Well, the truthful answer is - there really isn’t one ‘correct’ way.

A cursory click around Youtube will throw up an enormous amount of ways to origami a square into something James Bond would wear. From the presidential, one-point, two-point, three-point and four-point folds to the puffed, winged, scalloped and Dunaway styles, there are myriad ways to achieve a variety of different looks.

Here at Eight Eight, we see pocket squares as a casual accessory - as well as something that can speak of certain formality. So much of what you see on this site will err on the side of the puffed or stuffed pocket square.

But if you’re looking for some guidance and variation, here are two ways to fold your square.

How to fold a pocket square - winged fold

The Winged Fold

Step one: Start with the pocket square on a flat surface; flip it so the inside is facing up.
Step two: Fold the square in half, taking the top corner and bringing it down to the bottom corner. Now take the right corner and fold it down to the bottom corner, then do the same with the left corner.
Step three: Flip the square over, then fold in the sides and bottom. How much you fold on this step is determined by the size of your jacket pocket and the size of the pocket square.
Step four: Now place the square in your jacket pocket; you may need to make some small adjustments until you are happy with the look. You can adjust it so the slit in the middle is as wide or narrow as you like.

How to fold a pocket square - scallop fold

The Scallop Fold

Step one: Lay pocket square on flat surface.
Step two: Fold lower left corner to upper right creating a triangle.
Step three: Repeat with lower right corner reducing the size of the triangle by half.
Step four: Now fold the right corner point down and a little past the edge of the left side.
Repeat with the left side and place in pocket. Lay pocket square on flat surface.
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