Annabelle Lambie Drops Collab With Eight Eight

annabelle lambie,eight eight,pocket square,accessories,men's,style,fashion

Even though her work is wholly graphic, Queensland native Annabelle Lambie, uses nature, realism and representation as the basis of her unique and delicate designs.

Both at once delicate and bold, the illustrator has been building a reputation and a fanbase for her unique approach to image making.

“The process behind a piece of art starts with photography,” she says, “followed by an extensive number of hours developing outlines for each colour change within the image before building layer upon layer of colour before deleting the original image from the background.”

Most of the artist’s work ends up in exhibitions, framed as printed pieces of work in their own right. But, her latest collaboration with the Australian brand Eight Eight sees her designs lend themselves to a new range of men’s accessories.

annabelle lambie,pocket square,eight eight,men's,accessories,fashion,style

“Collaborating with Eight Eight was an exciting opportunity for me to see my designs as textiles. It’s always been a dream but it’s hard to do without the help of collaboration.”

This combination of print and manufacturing has resulted in a limited edition silk pocket square that is being sold exclusively through the Eight Eight online store. The design itself draws inspiration from Australia’s love of avocados, fusing her design aesthetic with a more traditional pocket square patina.

“My work is really individual so collaboration is not only fun but it lightens the load. It helps to broaden your portfolio, giving your work another dimension and allows for a new audience to see what you do.”

annabelle lambie,pocket square,eight eight,men's,accessories,fashion,style
Heavily inspired by the works of Claudia Manas from Barcelona, Andy Dixon, Zoe Young, Miranda Skoczek and Claire Johnson, Lambie (now based in Tokyo) is one Australian designer and illustrator to watch in 2018.

Shop Eight Eight x Annabelle Lambie silk pocket square here.